I work from home. What happens if you hit my internet line?

We recommend that you contact your data provider to have a temporary line moved for the construction process if you think it may be an issue. Believe it or not, we must dig underground to build your pool. When we do this, we tend to find “things” that may not be expected sometimes. This can include, but is not limited to…electric, gas, utilities, water lines, septic, sewer, irrigation, more dirt, expansive soils, rock, retaining walls, old pools, new pools, tree roots, water, graveyards, bodies, old pets, and the list goes on. Each of these items have their own set of remedies and potential costs to mitigate. Your contracts will list specifics on some of these things. Ultimately, costs may be associated with the removal, haul off, and/or dump of these items if they’re not already addressed in your contracts.

excavator digging a pool excavator digging a pool