What better way to beat the sweltering temperatures than by lounging in the refreshing waters of a pool? That’s where a tanning ledge comes in, a staple in contemporary pool designs. Forget drifting on rafts or tubes; a tanning ledge offers a shallow water platform for relaxation and enjoyment, blending aquatic comfort with sun-kissed leisure. It adds a touch of sophistication to your pool and caters to the delight of all ages.

What Exactly is a Tanning Ledge?

Also referred to as a sun ledge, swim-out shelf, Baja shelf, or pool ledge, these shallow platforms are integrated into the pool’s surface, creating a space for leisurely repose. This is often confused with, but differs from, a beach entry as a tan ledge does not have a progressive decline as a beach entry does. It is more of an even shelf, completely submerged in water. Many homeowners, particularly those with young children, value their safety and convenience, providing a secure spot to splash and play in just a foot of water. Among our clients, tanning ledges have become a popular addition to custom pool designs, offering a fusion of functionality and aesthetics. The best part is that these features are fully customizable, allowing you to infuse your unique style into the design and enhance the overall experience.

How Deep Should a Tanning Ledge Be?

While our pool designs are tailored to individual preferences, the optimal depth for a tanning ledge is typically around 12 inches, with the water line around 6 inches. This depth provides ample cooling and a comfortable play area for children, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. 

When contemplating a tanning ledge in your pool design, it’s crucial to consider your lifestyle and priorities. If lounging and water play are at the top of your list, a tanning ledge could be a valuable addition. However, the shelf might limit the shallow end if you desire ample space for activities like volleyball or pool basketball. Budget and property size also factor into the feasibility of incorporating such features into your design. Seeking advice from our in-house designers can ensure that your pool layout aligns perfectly with your vision and lifestyle, giving you the confidence that your pool will genuinely reflect your needs and desires.

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