Finding ways to stay active in the coming scorching summer heat can be challenging. However, with the addition of a lap pool to your backyard, you can bid farewell to the gym and embrace outdoor workouts in the refreshing air. Let’s delve into the world of backyard lap pools and discover why they might be the perfect addition to your fitness routine.

Understanding Lap Pools

A lap pool is ideal for those seeking an exercise-friendly pool solution for small or narrow backyards. Unlike traditional circular or square pools, lap pools boast a rectangular and elongated design, making them conducive to swimming laps. Their sleek profile ensures efficient use of space and adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting. The term “lap pool” encompasses a range of customizable options tailored to your specific preferences.

Size and Customization

While an Olympic lap pool typically spans 160 feet in length with narrow six-foot lanes, personal lap pools offer more flexibility. Many opt for shorter lengths, some as compact as eight meters. Unlike Olympic pools, which feature narrow lanes separated by soft ropes, personal lap pools with hard sides require wider lanes to prevent swimmers from hitting the walls. A minimum width of eight feet ensures ample space for all strokes, with customization options allowing for tailored designs to suit individual needs.

Cost Considerations

Contrary to common belief, the installation cost of a backyard lap pool is comparable to that of a standard swimming pool. The overall expense varies based on factors such as size, design, and additional features. Opting for a shorter pool length can help minimize costs without compromising functionality, ensuring your lap pool aligns seamlessly with your budget and backyard dimensions.

Enhancing Your Lap Pool Experience

Personalizing your lap pool with additional features can enhance its comfort and utility. Consider incorporating a heating system to extend pool usage throughout the year, providing year-round enjoyment even during cooler months. Pool lighting offers added convenience for nighttime swims, enhancing safety and ambiance with minimal installation effort. The ultimate addition would be to add a swim jet. A swim jet can make even the shortest distance a true aerobic workout. 

Depth and Access

Lap pools come in various widths and lengths, allowing for customized depth to suit individual preferences. While a standard depth of five feet provides a safe environment for aquatic exercises, it may not accommodate diving activities. Consultation with pool-building experts ensures the ideal dimensions for your specific needs.

Swimming as Exercise

Swimming in a lap pool offers a holistic workout experience suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. Its low-impact nature makes it ideal for joint-friendly exercises, promoting bone health and cardiovascular strength. Swimming facilitates calorie burning, muscle toning, and improved respiratory function, making it an effective tool for weight management and overall well-being.

Lifestyle Considerations

Investing in a backyard lap pool is more than just a commitment to fitness—it’s an investment in your overall lifestyle. Beyond enhancing your property’s value and aesthetic appeal, a lap pool fosters daily physical activity and provides a refreshing retreat for relaxation and recreation. With convenient access to a versatile workout space, you can embark on a journey to improved health and lasting enjoyment.

A lap pool represents a transformative addition to any backyard, offering a unique blend of fitness and leisure. By integrating this sleek feature into your outdoor space, you prioritize health and wellness while creating a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Embrace the lap pool lifestyle and unlock a world of endless possibilities for your well-being and enjoyment. Elevate your backyard paradise with Emerald Custom Pools, the top-rated pool builder in DFW. Explore more about Emerald Custom Pools by clicking the link HERE.

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