When is the best time to contact my project manager?

This is a great question! Our project manager’s days can start at a variety of times, but typically no later than 8am. From 8am until 2pm, our project managers are on job sites, meeting with those customers, getting crews organized, and doing all the logistical things that they are required to make sure work is being done and properly. During this time frame, you may not get an answer or response from your project manager. At 2pm, our project managers are returning phone calls, texts, emails, scheduling, making phone calls, etc… If you do call your PM and they do not respond, please feel free to leave them a message in some way and we assure you they will return your calls when they’re available to do so. It is acceptable for a PM to return your call or message no later than 1-2 business days after you reach out to them. Our PM’s also have families just like you, so please respect their time on the weekends and evenings as well. If it is necessary to reach out to them during those times for some type of emergency, feel free to call our afterhours line listed on our directory.

When will the fence go back up?

It is expected that the fence will stay down throughout the construction of you project.Typically, the fence will get replaced toward the end of a project once crews no longer need the large access openings.

When will all the trash be hauled off?

Throughout the course of your project, you will see trash begin to accumulate. We promise we are not importing trash onto your property so that we can bury it or burn it later. The project managers and crews will do their best to keep it limited to one area as the project progresses. The bulk of the trash will be removed at the end of the project when final grade crews begin.
pool construction mess pool construction trash

What happens if we make changes throughout the project?

Any deviation from the contract should be accounted for in a “change order”. You will receive a copy of the change order prior to implementation to which all parties will sign. The items to be changed during the course of a project may or may not be allowed depending on the change requested and where you are in the process.

Will crews be working on holidays?

This depends on the holiday. Some crews do work on some holidays, but usually this is by choice. Our employees are human, and they do have families too. Please understand that they are not required to respond or communicate on holidays unless there is some type of emergency, which are few and far between in the pool world.

When do I choose all of my materials?

This question is specific to which material you are choosing. Ultimately, your project manager will communicate with you when to choose everything.

Do I need permission from my neighbor for anything?

Neighbors, much like pets, you’ll want to keep in their safe zone. Please understand that you hired us, your neighbor did not. If any issues arise with them, you will be responsible for talking with them directly. If they reach out to us, we will kindly direct them back to you.

Do I need to be home when you are here working?

We encourage you to be present during all parts of construction if you’d like,
however, it’s not necessary. We will absolutely require you to be present on dig day and when electricians are on your property. We do require that we are allowed unimpeded access to your property though. When you hired us to build your pool, it was assumed that you wanted us in your backyard to build your pool. Please don’t be “that guy” that won’t allow us in the backyard when it’s time to work or just because you’re not home. Yes, this does happen occasionally. If we have to pull crews off of your project because access wasn’t available, pull off charges can be applied.

What am I supposed to do with my pets?

Sometimes fences are taken down for us to access your yard. When this happens, we will place a temporary fence in its place. It is not designed to give you privacy, keep bad guys out, keep pets in, or even stay erect during a good Texas wind. It’s an orange, mesh construction fence and it will remain in place until the project is complete so that our crews have good access throughout. If you request that your fence be replaced earlier than necessary, there can be additional costs for crews making extra trips. There can also be larger expenses associated if we’re having to wheelbarrow your entire pool through a constricted opening because a fence was replaced earlier than necessary. With regards to pets, please plan to make accommodations for them throughout construction. We will do our best to keep the temporary fence in place, but it is not designed to keep Todo in the backyard. Please let your pets know that you are building a pool and there are many things back there that can hurt them. For some of our customers with land, cattle, or larger mammals, please secure your animals appropriately. It’s not an easy conversation to have with a homeowner when their prized goat wanders into the rear duals of a 70,000 lb. dump truck. Once the pool project is complete, they will have their safe backyard again to roam freely and chase squirrels. If your animals are larger, provide milk, beef, pork, or require pens or stables, please make sure they’re secure throughout construction as well.

Weiner dog wearing a hardhat in front of a bulldozer goats around an excavator

What is the expectation with weather?

Unfortunately, our line of work is affected greatly by our fickle Texas weather. Heat slows down human workers, cold prohibits some human workers, and rain and snow just shut it all down. With rain being the most common culprit, please understand that our work is done on the ground and we’re very limited when working in the mud. Our employees are not trying to win any mud wrestling competition awards, nor is it fun to remove silt from our work boots every day it rains. A general rule of thumb is that if you can make a footprint in your yard by walking on it, just imagine what a 10,000 lb. machine or vehicles will do to it. Please expect that when we have weather throughout the course of your project, there will most likely be some delays associated with it. That is normal. The extent of those delays can vary greatly.

What kind of time frames can I expect throughout this process?

Timelines…Whew! Where do we start with this one? Please do not schedule any
events around the completion of construction for your project. Occasionally, customers like to start scheduling events prior to finishing a project, but we strongly urge against this. There are too many variables that can affect the completion of a project as many of them are outside of our control, such as weather. If your project is aligned with holidays, birthday parties, quinceaneras, weddings, or any other family events that are pressing, our recommendation is to schedule it at another location until you can confirm that water is in the pool and ready. Please see the attached “Timeline” form that will lay out some more specific information.

Who will I talk to throughout this process?

During the permitting process, you will communicate just as you have with our
office staff. Once we have received a permit from the city, there will be a project manager specifically assigned to your project. They are assigned to your project once permits are received (or at time of creation of plans for county customers) and they will reach out to you once they receive your information from our office. The project managers will be your primary point of contact for your project once they are assigned. We expect that all homeowners communicate with them directly for all your project needs.

Who’s responsible for the H.O.A. approval?

Homeowners are responsible for obtaining approval from your HOA’s. Once a
contract is signed, you will be provided with a set of construction plans that they will most likely want to see. Any additional forms will need to be filled out by you, the homeowner. All HOA’s operate different, so if you happen to answer to one that likes to drag things out or leave a note on your door for parking your car in your driveway too often, you are at their mercy unfortunately.

When will we start?

Pull the reigns you ball of fire! We are excited to get started as well, but there is
a system and a process to make this work correctly. You’ve signed your contract. This was the first step. Depending on where you live, we will need to first create a set of construction plans. These are the plans that each crew will use to properly build your pool based on the design we all chose. It’s imperative that this is accurate, so it may take up to a week to complete. Depending on where you live, you may need to begin with the permit process. For the rest of the timeline, please reference your timeline sheet that lays out the general timeframes for a given project.