When can we start digging?

The answer to this can be fluid and depends on many factors. On average, we can start digging your pool anywhere from 1-4 weeks from the time we receive an approved permit.

How long does it take to get my permit?

Under normal circumstances, it’s an estimated 6 weeks to receive a permit from the time you sign a contract. Some municipalities require an act of congress to get through permitting in which case this process can be delayed.

What does the permitting process include?

This process starts the day you sign a contract. It includes creation of folders, organization of your files, creation of sets of construction plans, stamped/approved electrical plans, and ultimately an approved permit from a plans examiner. Please know that an approved permit does not include any nonstandard city requirements. Examples of this can be engineered drainage surveys, final grade surveys, proximity letters, erosion control requirements, etc…