There’s a gap around my pool with this ugly foam. Are you going to fix that?

Stand down. The ugly foam is placed there on purpose believe it or not. This is the expansion joint that sits between the pool coping and the decking. Once the pool is filled with water, we will return to remove the foam and fill that joint with mastic. Additionally, you will want to follow the following guidelines for mastic installation for at least 24 hours…

  1. Do not step in it for 24 hours
  2. No swimming or spa use
  3. No brushing of the pool
  4. No loose pets, mowing, or landscaping

When the mastic crews are complete, you may see loose sand around the area. Please be careful as it can be slippery. It is necessary that this sand is used for the installation. Our crews will not return to clean off the residual sand left around the area, this is standard. It is permissible to sweep or hose off the deck after 24 hours though, so feel free to put the kiddos to work!

mastic joint

How do I know when my pool is full?

The pool will be full once the water level has reached halfway up the tile line.

pool filled to line

How will I fill my pool?

Waiting for the rain is one way, but this may not be recommended if you’re in a hurry. Initially, most customers will use their water hose to fill initially. With regards to maintaining water levels, there will be a fill line in your pool that can be controlled from either your spigot or an irrigation zone.

When can I start putting water in the pool?

The only thing we need from you is to have a water hose attached to a water
supply on site. Usually this is your spigot from the house. There is a process for plaster application. The following steps will happen over the course of a few days. At step 4, our crews will start filling the pool. The only responsibility you will have is to notify us once the pool is full…

  • Step 1 – Prep
  • Step 2 – Apply plaster
  • Step 3 – Acid wash
  • Step 4 – Start filling the pool
Is there anything I need to be doing now that there is plaster in my pool?

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a new pool and the maintenance responsibilities that come with it! There is a lot of information on Pebble Tec’s website that will specify what you need to be doing now.

When do I pick my plaster color?

Most homeowner will choose their plaster around the same time that tile and coping selections are made. Ultimately, you have some time for this. Your project manager will let you know when to start narrowing down a decision.