We often get requests for remodels around the area and surprisingly many of them are for pools only 5-10 years old. Over the years we have noticed a trend in buyer’s regret. We’re going to go over some features and design elements to include in your new pool.


  • UV/Ozone kit: The most added on piece of equipment we have. The level of clean far surpasses just the standard equipment package, cuts down on chlorine needs and gives peace of mind when you have a bunch of kiddos swimming in your pool.
  • 3hp VS (variable speed pump): Many builders will cut corners by using a 1.5 or 2hp pump. If you have even one water feature (bubbler, scupper, anything) your pool is not going to function properly and over time gets worn down. Don’t cut corners just go with the best the first time.
  • Heat/Cool Unit-Season extender: This will not heat your pool when it’s 40 degrees outside, but here in Texas you are able to keep swimming for a few extra months out of the year. In the summer it is also clutch when we want to swim and not feel like we are taking a bath.

Design features:

  • Tan ledge: the #1 asked for feature on a pool. It is a must have for children or anyone wanting to sit around or lounge in the water. Older homeowners also enjoy it as it gives that extra room to enter the pool safely. It is usually where the group gathers in most pools for social time.
  • Spa: If it fits and is in the budget we say go for it. Not many people regret having a spa. We get multiple requests each year from people wanting to add a spa to their existing pool. Not ideal! It costs 2-3x as much to add in after the fact and there is risk of leaks when cutting into the structure of an existing pool.
    • Kids will swim year round if you have the ability to heat the spa up just a bit.
    • Adding a spa to your new build also gives you the ability to heat your entire pool if needed for a party or just to get the summer season started a little early.spa
  • Decking: Concrete is like storage. You can never have enough. No one has ever said, “man, I wish we didn’t have so much room to sit around the pool”. When you get your deck layout at the time of building your pool you need to really look at it closely. If you think you may need to add more decking, but hesitate to do so at this point then you will likely regret it down the road.
  • Scuppers/bubblers/water features: The majority of homeowners want something simple when designing their pool. Simple can still incorporate a small water feature. We have multiple requests each year from people wanting to add a small water feature to their existing pool. The price will usually make them 2nd guess that decision as it typically requires cutting into decking, coping etc. The time to do it is during a new build! The noise and ambience from having a water feature alone makes it worth the additional cost up front.
  • Bench seating: No one has ever complained of having too many areas to take a break around the perimeter of the pool. Kids and adults can appreciate a well-placed bench throughout the pool to stop and socialize or just catch a breath.built in stools in pool
  • Pebble-Tec plaster: This right here is why we are getting requests for remodels from pools only 5-10 years old. They did not use pebble-tec or pebble-sheen to plaster their pool. They saved the money up front, but now having to turn around and come up with $8-10k or more to replaster their pool. Not only is pebble-tec plaster the most logical choice financially, but also aesthetically. The water colors can really bring to your entire back yard to life.

Keep in mind when choosing a builder:

  • Make sure they back their work with a lifetime structural warranty
  • Automation should be included. Let’s be honest, it’s 2022
  • Pebble-tec (or pebble-sheen) plaster should be the standard and not an upgrade
  • Pentair 3hp Variable speed pump should also be standard and not an upgrade
  • If you have a spa you should be getting a Pentair MasterTemp400 (incl), don’t settle for less!

Whether you’re just getting started with the plans for building a pool or looking to remodel an existing pool, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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