Build Your Pool to Clean Itself

Paramount's In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems minimize maintenance and maximize enjoyment. Your new pool will be clean and swim-ready all season long. In-floor cleaning systems are eco-friendly and do more than just pure; they circulate water and chemicals from the bottom up to reduce the evaporation of chemicals, saving you money on chemical costs.

The Technology Behind Relaxation

Powerful Cleaning Cycle

PVR's weighted, ratcheting, rotating cleaning nozzles are placed strategically in your pool floor, steps, and benches to systematically sweep debris out of your pool through the main drain and skimmer. After about an hour, nearly every square inch of your pool will have been swept one time. After a few hours, your pool will be cleaned. Now, all left is to relax and enjoy a clean, well-circulated pool.


Efficient & Economical

A key benefit of PVR's water-powered hydraulic valve is its increased performance over traditional mechanical valves. Built for single-speed and multi-speed pumps, PVR uses less energy and operates with more power every cleaning cycle. It provides enhanced circulation at even the lowest pump speeds, making PVR unsurpassed.

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Clean, Healthy & Swim Ready

  • 99% pool cleaning guaranteed, including steps, benches, spas, and water features 
  • Complete circulation of chemicals and warm water throughout the pool 
  • Enhance circulation at lower energy-saving pump speeds 
  • PVR's 12-position ratcheting, rotating nozzles effectively clean the entire pool
  • Nozzles come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty 
  • Nozzles have no moving parts and are virtually invisible when not in use 
  • Available in 6 colors 

Enjoy Cleaner, Healthier Water

An Advanced Cleaning & Circulation System

In pools without a PVR in-floor system, water circulates near the pool surface, where chemicals and heat are quickly lost into the atmosphere. This often leads to wasted chemicals, wasted heat energy, and serval poorly circulated and algae-prone areas throughout your pool. PVR improves circulation with strategically placed cleaning nozzles in the pool floor, steps and benches that evenly circulate water throughout your pool. This improved circulation has been proven by independent studies to create cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable pool water, while reducing the loss of chemicals and heating energy into the atmosphere. This means PVR will save you money while it cleans your pool.