Having the right pool pump for your pool is important. The IntelliFlo VSF is super quiet and energy efficient thanks to it's variable speed settings. The pump provides precise flow control, which means increased efficiency, energy savings and performance. The pump’s innovative dual-technology design ensures the desired flow rate is maintained, no matter the conditions. Plus, the IntelliFlo VSF pool pump helps the rest of your equipment to perform exactly as it’s meant to—from filters to laminars to waterfalls. The IntelliFlo VSF variable speed and flow pump is just another in a long line of innovative products from Pentair.

You won't have to worry about the new federal efficiency standards that go into effect July 2021 when you replace your single or two speed pool pump and upgrade to a Pentair. The pump combines speed and flow control to adjust throughout the entire cycle, bringing the savings straight to your pocket. We don't recommend products we don't believe in because your happiness matters to us. Our experienced technicians can install your new pump, program it for your pool, and leave you to enjoy the benefits and savings.

If you are looking to replace your pool pump, contact us today. We'd be happy to talk to you about your different options and what will work best for your pool.

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