child swimming under water

Drowning is the number one cause of accident related deaths in children. This is terrifying right? It doesn’t have to be with the right education. Not only am I an owner of Emerald Custom Pools, but I am also a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner practicing neurology at a local children’s hospital. I have cared for and watched numerous children die from a preventable drowning incident. All pool builders should provide your home with pool door alarms or offer to install them for you. Windows should be monitored as well, but this is usually part of your alarm package. Kids can be sneaky. When they want something they will find a way.

child climbing through doggie door

When you are watching your child swim you are truly watching them. Someone should be designated to not be on their phone taking a business call or not running in “just for a minute” to use the restroom. I have heard the story time and again with these excuses.

the color of your child's swimsuit could save their life

Most parents do not realize the importance of the color of swimsuit their child is wearing. This can be huge. Let’s be real, everyone gets a little distracted. Make it as easy as possible to see your child in the water. Kids like to play games. How long can they hold their breath? Makes me hold my breath from the sidelines. Pay attention to the color of their swimsuit and how it looks under water. Depending on the color of the pool plaster some are very difficult to see when a child is drowning. A common misconception is that a child will splash, scream or thrash around. This is actually not accurate. Most drownings are silent. They get tired and go under quietly.

swimsuit test results colors for lighter pool

swimsuit color test results for dark swimming pool

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