Summer is finally coming to an end, and if you spent most of the summer wishing you had a swimming pool, now is the time to start planning your pool for next season. 

You’ve researched, weighed the pros and cons of different types of swimming pools, selected a custom pool builder, and are ready to get started! But wait… one thing you must consider is when is the best time to build a pool! There are pros and cons to building a pool at different times of the year. This blog post discusses the best season to start your pool construction.

Times of the Year 

Building a Swimming Pool in the Spring 

The spring is one of the most popular times of the year for pool and backyard renovation. Many homeowners prefer to install a new backyard pool in the spring to get the most use out of it during the summer. Although this is a great benefit, most pool builders have a busy spring schedule. Unpredictable weather and rain can affect building plans and schedules, including spring floods and softened ground. It is nice to have the pool complete by the time that first 100 degree day gets here.


Building a Swimming Pool in the Summer 

Due to delays in spring weather and the popularity of buildings in the spring and summer, most builders are extremely busy throughout the summer months. By the end of summer, most builders are finishing up projects, and their availability might increase. Summer can drag on for quite some time in Texas so building in Summer may still give you an opportunity to use your pool right away. If it doesn’t start until the end of summer, make sure you add a spa to your package so you can use it year round.


Building a Swimming Pool in the Fall 

Fall is ideal for starting pool construction and installation and is the best time to build a pool. The weather is much more predictable in the fall, and the ground is usually dry after the summer. Builders have increased availability and can build your new pool without many setbacks. The only downside of the fall is that you likely will not be able to use your new pool until the following spring or summer unless you add a spa or heater to the pool itself. Positive side is the pool will be ready to go as soon as the weather improves in the spring! 


Building a Swimming Pool in the Winter 

The winter is not a very popular time to install a new backyard pool. The good news is that you can usually capture last year’s pricing before everything goes up with the rush. Usually, price increases happen at the start of December, so locking in your price beforehand and starting construction in the winter would be smart. Of course, unpredictable weather may impact your building plans, so discuss your timeline with your builder. Homeowners tend to be less stressed with winter pool builds because there isn’t the urgency as there is in Spring and Summer.


Choose a Nationally-Recognized Pool Builder You Can Trust 

Working with the right pool builder is imperative when designing and planning your dream pool. With the right team on your side, you can sit back and let the process happen without stressing whether the project is proceeding on schedule. 

Emerald Custom Pools is a leading National Pool Builder; we strive to create only 100% customer satisfaction with our in-house support team and customer service to our in-house construction team. When you choose Emerald Custom Pools, we work directly with you every step of the way, from our sales team to our project managers; our build process will leave you stress-free from dig day to swim. Whether creating a new backyard oasis or remodeling your existing one, you will love the result. Contact us today to learn more about our pool-building services and start building your dream pool. 

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