Water features are a genius and straightforward way to incorporate moving water into your pool. Not only this, but they allow more circulation and filtration throughout the pool, which will lead to less need for maintenance. Emerald Custom Pools knows this can be incredibly important to our clients, so we’ve provided 12 types of water features you can incorporate into your pool.

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Scuppers are typically placed in areas of higher elevations, such as raised spas, columns, or walls along the pool. They can be more aesthetic or crucial to water movement if you need more flow in certain areas. 




Sheer Descent

Sheer Descent waterfalls usually are used as centerpieces of a pool. They produce sheets of water that fall directly into the water below them and serve as an impressive display of moving water.




Weeping Wall

Contrary to other water features, weeping walls don’t have to be high above the water to be installed. These waterfalls can easily be placed along the side of your oasis and are preferred to be closer to the water than further away. These are more commonly seen in freeform pools. 




Grottos are features that can be quite impressive for anyone to see when they walk into your backyard. The water will fall over the rock walls and form a lovely cascade over or around the rocks or, if you have one, your grotto cave. This can be a nice touch that can be visually and audibly pleasing to add to your pool experience.




Deck Jet

Deck Jets can be a flair of glamor if you have a more modern pool or want a little extra to add at an affordable price. These streams of water are placed throughout the pool deck and shoot in arcs into your pool. Some may only want one,  but most have more significant benefits by adding multiple. 



Magic Stream Laminar

These jets are highly similar to deck jets. However, this water feature includes LED lights that change the color of the water as it spouts into the pool. The form and placement are the same as deck jets, but the colorful lights add more vitality.


Swim Jets

Usually used for exercise or swimmers, swim jets are powerful jets that push water into your pool to keep you stagnant as you swim. These are typically seen in straight-lined pools and used mainly for their functions and not necessarily decoration.



Slides are a package deal. They provide water circulation and a fun factor to your pool. Slides are usually put in deeper sections of pools, so having a bigger pool would be optimal. This is perfect for children but equally entertaining for adults!



Water Curtain

Water Curtains are exactly like their name. They’re thin layers of water that pour into your pool, creating a water curtain. If you have a raised area or something you want to be covered by a layer of water without getting wet, this would be the perfect water feature for you.


Water Bowls

These stunning elements can add more of a three-dimensional effect to your pool as they serve as they can be fire, water, or even both. Water bowls add a layer of sophistication to your pool as their elegant features leave the pool looking stylish and refined.




Spillover Spas

A spillover spa is a unique way to connect your spa and pool water as the water from the spa spills into the pool, leaving an excellent way of circulation throughout both your pool and spa. Overall, you can add a fantastic feature to your spa to give it more flare.




Bubblers are small fountain-like additions that spew up water in the shallow ends of your pool. These features are more commonly known for their trendy look and are more common for those who have tanning ledges or large steps along their pools.



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