Being a pool owner can be an exciting but sometimes daunting task. From regular cleanings to unexpected repairs, there are bound to be times of challenge. Here are five of the most common repairs pool owners can face – let’s tackle them together! 

Pump Motor 

Your pump motor pulls water from the pool, sends it through a filter, and goes back into the pool. If it has issues, the filtration and water circulation might need to be more efficient. Avoiding damage can be done by performing simple maintenance actions such as not running your pool when there’s no water, cleaning the pump regularly, and repairing when needed if there are any cracks or damages.

Cracked Tile

Tile serves as both a fashion and function. While the looks of tile can bring many people in, they also provide a way to support a cleaner waterline. That said, cracked or stained tiles are a common problem seen in pools with calcium buildup or are exposed to the sun for long hours. If your pool is prone to these issues, we recommend checking your PH levels more frequently and installing a pool cover to shield the tiles from UV rays.


Filters do exactly what their name suggests; they filter the water in your pool. Cleaning leaves, bugs, or other debris from your skimmers daily and filter regularly is the best way to prevent damage. If your filter seems clogged, immediately clean it or replace the cartridge so no further problems arise. 


A visibly lowered water level caused by something other than evaporation or other exterior reasons usually means there is a leak of some sort in your pool. Catching a leak before it worsens or causes a bigger problem is crucial. So, briefly checking your pool for any problems is a safe way to monitor and catch any issues before they cause significant damage.


Flickering or lights that have gone out are usually caused by a faulty or dead lightbulb. This can easily be solved by replacing the lightbulb with a brand-new one. However, if the issue insists after the replacement, you might be dealing with a faulty wire or loose connection. If this is the case, then consulting professionals is the best idea in this situation. 


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