Aesthetic and style can be a make-it-or-break-it moment for most people. Pool tiles showcase your swimming pool with completing colors and designs that beautify and express creativity. Emerald Custom Pools provide a variety of tile selections to make your backyard oasis perfect for you.

One of the tile companies we partner with is National Pool Tile (NPT). NPT is a reputable company that provides high-quality tiles that can come in practically any style you want. With this, you have all the tools needed to start picking out your tile! But before you do, here are a few tips to consider when choosing your tile.

Know your budget

Budgets are an essential tool when planning. Designing and adding more features to your pool sounds like a dream come true. However, if the look you’re going for is too far out of your price range, it might be a good idea to look for alternatives or change the style. 


Look at the pros and cons of each type of tile

Many of our tiles can go with several different styles of pools. But many of them have different feelings, heat absorption, and looks. 

  • Glass: 

Glass Tile is the most sought-after and preferred material. If your budget is willing, consider glass tile! The internal glod of glass tile is like a spellbinding jewel that provides a serene feel to the pool. It is low maintenance, has a long life span, reflects UV rays, and is easier to clean. The downsides to glass tiles are that they are more expensive and might get easily scratched.

  • Porcelain:

Porcelain tile is a popular choice. It is soft to the touch and is resistant to scratches and stains.


Without question, blue tile is the most popular when it comes to backyard aesthetics. That said, blue isn’t the only color with attributes. A balance between blue and green is definitely alluring. A blend, for example, is light enough and has more of a natural feeling. A combination of hues is also enticing. If blues and greens are not your type of aesthetic and are more of the modern type, I suggest looking more at the grey and white tiles. 

Learn about each type of tiles upkeep and how to maintain them

Learning the difference in maintenance between the different types of tiles is extremely important. This is because some of the tile layouts require additional care. If you want the smaller 1×1 tiles, the grout might be more complex and tedious to upkeep. However, if this is something you don’t mind, it might be perfect!

  • Take color, size, and the layout of your pool into consideration.
    • Greenery, different layouts mean less or more maintenance, shade, etc.
  • Get samples
    • Picking out a style of tile can be extremely easy with a physical sample. So, it’s best to go to your company in person and really determine what you want based on real-life visuals and feelings. This way, while pictures can get a rough visual of a tile, you can get a better and more authentic determination of what you want.
  • Pick your tile with the intended user in mind.
    • Kids might need a sturdier tile.

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