Having a pool can offer many fun opportunities, and a custom pool allows for extra features to add to the experience. One of these features are pools slides which are a great way for kids and adults to enjoy and have fun together. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are considering adding a slide to your pool. 

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3 Aspects to Consider When Buying a Pool Slide 


Planning where the slide will be

Saving spaces for a slide includes both on land and in water. On the ground, there should be a decently sized space for accessing the slide safely. While in water, the pool should be deep enough with no surrounding obstacles so that the landing is safe for everyone of all sizes/weights. 


Safety Regulations

With the fun of having a slide comes a few things you must remember to prevent accidents. Having the proper steps or ladder for your slide is crucial, especially if kids will be using the slide daily. If they’re slip resistant, that’s even better. Having a safe way on and off your slide should be a priority. Additionally, regularly spraying the underside of the slide and these steps/ladders with bug spray can be an excellent way to keep pests such as wasps away from areas they are commonly found to make nests.



Something to also consider is the maintenance of having a pool slide. Things such as hair products, sunscreen, and oils in general can affect the PH levels of the pool water and the slide/areas of contact on the slide. Due to this, cleaning is necessary to ensure nothing gets permanently damaged. Thankfully the cleaning process is super simple. All you need is a gentle cleaner (that doesn’t include vinegar or harsh chemicals) and a soft brush. Here’s a little tip: tape a trash bag on the bottom of the slide to catch any soapy or dirty water to ensure none of it gets into your pool and messes with the pool PH levels. Remember to change out the bag before it gets too heavy! Rinse the slide well, and you’re good to go!

Another maintenance encouragement is checking for rusty, damaged, or loose bolts and screws. If these small but essential slide parts are damaged it can lead to the risk of your slide falling apart, so regular checkups are needed to prevent any accidents. This is especially important if you have a saltwater pool. 


Slides can be fun and add an extra element to your pool to give you the experience your family might be looking for.  Emerald Custom Pools provides custom quality services that can make your backyard look how you want it to in no time.


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