If you have a backyard that is on the smaller side, there’s no need to worry. Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes! Emerald Custom Pools has plenty of options that allow our clients to use their space to be the best. Here are a few of those options, along with some pros of a small inground pool:


Less maintenance 

Cleaning a pool requires machinery, and chemicals can get pricey. With a smaller pool, the smaller area means less usage of this expensive equipment and less space to clean and maintain manually. 


A small inground pool can leave room for more

A smaller pool might be better if you’re not necessarily worried about the size of your backyard but more concerned about the space the pool might take up. This gives you both a pool and extra room for outdoor activities you may want.


Less expensive

A smaller pool uses fewer chemicals, labor, and space. So, paying for all of this will be exponentially less costly. 


Straight-Line pools

A straight-lined pool is one option for a smaller-sized pool that still has quite a few features. These pools don’t take up too much space and have many perks that can be added if the buyer wants. Not only do they require less room, but they also give a modern touch to your backyard!


Inside spa

Just because the pool is smaller doesn’t mean additional features can’t be added. For example, an inside spa is an excellent and relaxing additive. With this, you can enjoy your pool and a personal spa in the same area without expanding your pool more than needed.


Pools can be made for all. No matter the backyard size, Emerald Custom Pools can provide a fantastic backyard oasis just for you. With our in-house dig crew, we can find the perfect piece of machinery needed to access and complete your pool dig. If you’re interested, click here to learn more!


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