The weather is finally warming up and becoming perfect for sitting by the pool and relaxing. Pool time can make outdoor activities such as grilling, playing games, and lounging with guests much more enjoyable. But of course, the warmer weather also calls for uninvited guests, such as insects and other pests. Bugs such as mosquitos, flies, and spiders flock to the water to make their own homes as the summer heat kicks in. 

At Emerald Custom Pools, we understand that these tiny visitors can be a downfall for fun, so we made this small guide to help make your pool experience the best.


Maintain your backyard

An unkept landscape is one of the most significant ways bugs can settle in and make your backyard their home. Factors such as overgrown or dead plants, deficient soil, overgrown weeds, and piles of leaves can all contribute to pest infiltration. Cleaning these places up can get rid of a large number of spaces bugs use to live and breed in.


Use irrigation bug mist like MistAway

Installing a bug-repellent misting system is one of the most efficient ways to manage pests and keep them away from your property. MistAway allows users to create an automatic spray of pesticides throughout their backyard using pyrethrum-insecticide misting nozzles, effectively warding away bugs without luring them in at the same time. This system helps with all kinds of critters, not just mosquitoes. 


Get rid of any unattended or still water

Unattended bodies of water can be a playground for insects, especially mosquitos. This can include large puddles, kiddie pools, abandoned bird baths, and any source of water that isn’t your pool in general. Removing these water sources will help eliminate any places bugs might want to leave eggs or make their home. 


Invest in a pool cover

While you can’t necessarily get rid of a water source such as your pool like you can with a large puddle, you can still invest in a pool cover to help block off entry to your pool. Pool covers are logical for bug prevention and help keep debris like leaves, sticks, and critters out of your pool.


Plant natural pesticides (flowers/plants)

Utilizing natural bug repellents within plants such as lavender, citronella, peppermint, basil, and lemongrass is an intelligent way to use what’s around you. Bugs hate many herbs and flowers, so planting them in your backyard can be another reason insects stay out of your yard.


If you have any remaining questions, let us know! At Emerald Custom Pools, we provide permanent and temporary solutions to bug problems to enhance your backyard experience. Contact us today for more information about Emerald Custom Pools!

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