Pool season is upon us! Memorial Day is considered the unofficial beginning of summer in the USA. This holiday honors those who served in the United States military and is often celebrated with parades, backyard BBQs, and pool parties. If you want to ring in the pool season with a Memorial Day Pool Party, here are a few things to remember when planning this event. 


Plan & Get Your Pool Ready


It’s not a good idea to assemble a party at the last minute, but this is especially true for pool parties. Give yourself plenty of time to get your pool swim ready. Don’t let poor planning sink your party before it ever starts. 


Once your backyard is ready, finalize your guest list and send invitations! Highly recommended – setting up a Facebook event page to keep your guest updated! Potluck can be beneficial if your party has picky eaters or younger kids. Remind your guests before the event to keep anticipation high. 


Themes & Decorations


While optional for a victorious Memorial Day Party, a good theme can get it started! Since Memorial Day is a holiday that honors those who lost their lives to protect the freedoms of the United States, a patriotic theme is the most obvious. We recommend stocking up on streamers, flags, balloons, plates, cups, and cutlery. If you need more decorations or inspiration, try Pinterest! With decorations and the theme in place, you can ensure that your friends and neighbors will remember your Memorial Day party for years. 


Food & Drinks


It wouldn’t be a poolside party without food and drinks! Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, grilling is a popular option to keep everyone outside with their bellies full! Think of hotdogs and hamburgers or maybe even a brat! 


It is essential to note the safety around the grill. Many grill mishaps or accidents cause fires yearly; the most common problem is improper grill placement. 


As for drinks, be sure to have plenty of water and soft drinks! 


Games & Activities 


Great food, great friends, and a swimming pool are enough for a great Memorial Day pool party, but a few fun activities can spice it up – especially if young ones are running around. 


You can do an array of swimming activities like: 

  • Swim Races
  • Sharks and Minnows
  • Splashing Competition
  • Volleyball or Basketball 


Out-of-the-water games are also popular, like: 

  • Corn Hole 
  • Horseshoes 
  • Ladder Toss
  • Water Balloon Toss


Be Safe & Have Fun


As with any poolside party, safety should come first. May is National Water Safety Month, after all! A water guard or responsible individual should be watchful if anyone is in the pool. We hope you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

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