It’s time for outdoor parties, late nights, and fun in the sun! Summer is quickly approaching, bringing a host of water-time activities. Whether you already have a swimming pool in your backyard or plan to build one, protecting young animals from open and unattended water should be your priority. 

National Water Safety Month reminds us that there are several things that we can do to promote our water safety: 


  • Teaching your child how to swim 
  • Never leave your child or animals unattended 
  • Make sure a caregiver or guardian knows how to swim and is CPR certified 
  • Safety items around your pool in case of an emergency 
  • Install locks and alarms on doors that lead to an unattended pool
  • Install an automatic safety pool cover 
  • No one is allowed to swim alone no matter how old 


Adult Supervision


It’s essential to keep an eye on the pool. Accidents happen in seconds. Most swimming pool accidents occur in residential areas due to insufficient supervision. Always designate a responsible adult to watch the pool. 


TIP: When watching a pool, follow the 10:20 rule; it should take less than 10 seconds to scan your pool thoroughly and less than 20 seconds to reach anyone needing help. 


Swimming Lessons


This might be a no-brainer, but being able to swim is a crucial skill to have as a pool owner. Anyone who doesn’t know how to swim is potentially at risk around open water. Proper education will give you the tools and knowledge to keep yourself safe, and you will gain more insight into maintaining anyone using your pool safe. 


Automatic Pool Covers 


A safety pool cover seals and prevents unplanned access to your swimming pool. People choose pool covers for safety. Pool covers are among the most reliable safety features for families with small children or animals at greater risk of drowning. 

If you want to purchase a pool cover for your backyard, click here for a free consultation. 


Safe, Clean, and Convenient 

Automatic pool covers are easy to use, with opening and closing at a touch of a button. After safety comes a list of practical advantages. Pool covers keep debris and leave you in your pool.


  • Reduces the need to run your filtration system 
  • Decreasing the expense/usage of chemicals and chlorine required to keep your pool clean 
  • Using a pool cover can reduce a pool’s chemical consumption by 35-60% 


Understanding water safety is crucial to having a fun and successful pool season. The more proactive you are, the safer your swimming pool will be! Check out the National Water Safety Month website for more information. 

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