For the ultimate fun in the sun, building an outdoor kitchen near your swimming pool is a popular solution to creating your backyard oasis. Although some considerations exist for placing your outdoor kitchen near your pool, this setup offers plenty of entertaining and outdoor living benefits. 

In this article, we discuss the benefits of designing your outdoor kitchen adjacent to your custom pool to achieve the best results for outdoor entertainment. 


Benefits of a Pool and Outdoor Kitchen


Building an outdoor kitchen near your pool has many entertaining benefits. This idealistic setup allows the chef and guest to socialize, swim, sunbathe, and drink in one simplistic outdoor living space. In addition, you can situate your outdoor kitchen underneath the shade, so your poolside guests can enjoy a relaxing summer day by the pool! 


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Pool and Outdoor Kitchen Design Considerations


When you plan your outdoor space, you must be mindful of the placement of your outdoor kitchen relative to your pool. Contact with moisture, pool chemicals, and sun exposure can age the look of your outdoor kitchen. When planning your outdoor kitchen, the best placement is underneath a pergola or cabana and out of direct sunlight, as well as weather exposure. 




Regardless of where your outdoor kitchen will be located relative to your pool, any layout shape should work in your design. Many outdoor kitchen designs exist, but you should choose the best one for your style, entertainment, and cooking needs. 


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We also carry our meticulous pool-building skills into our outdoor kitchen builds. We do not make outdoor kitchens off the market; we use Bull appliances. Their dedication to developing the best and most complete line of outdoor kitchen equipment is fueled by their research in the grill industry. All Bull gas grills come with ReliaBULL Even-Heat Technology, single-piece dual-lined hoods, solid stainless steel cooking grates, and individual friction-based Piezo igniters. 

Not only do we take pride in the quality of our appliances, but our skilled designers also work with your budget and the size of the space to give you value when creating your dream backyard. Just like the kitchen on the inside of your house is the heart of the home, the outdoor kitchen can be the heart of your backyard and social space. A well-designed outdoor kitchen and living spaces become an extension of your home, giving you more room to spread out and relax. 


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