Lost regarding pool maintenance? You’re in the right place. The first thing that you need to learn when you have your own swimming pool is the proper maintenance! Knowing the proper information on pool maintenance prolongs your pool’s life, reduces the need for repairs, and prevents bacteria growth. Understanding how the different components function will make it easier to relax in a well-maintained pool; further making your backyard oasis safer for you, your family, and your guests. 


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What to do for pool maintenance 


Remove All Debris 

You can use a leaf skimmer every two days to remove things that can clog the drain. Catching leaves and other materials before they skin to the bottom will make maintenance much easier. You can also invest in a pool cover to prevent any materials from clogging your pool. 


Brush the Pool Surface 

Clean your pool liner or surface with a proper pool brush once a week. This will help reduce the accumulation of algae and can improve your pool’s appearance. 


Clean the Filters Regularly

Filters have to be kept clean so they function properly. Either the filter is made from cartridge or D.E. grids, the manufacturer may advise a certain flow increase that indicates the need for cleaning. 


Fill your Pool Water Properly

Regular pool activity and evaporation will change the water levels. If it’s too low, it can damage the pump, the ideal water level shouldn’t get below the skimmer level. 


Test your Pools pH level

The pH level is the ratio of acid to base, and it’s important to test it weekly using a test strip. 


What not to do for pool maintenance 


Don’t just vacuum your pool 

Vacuuming your pool is important, but it’s also essential to brush all surfaces, especially hard-to-reach areas like the waterline, steps, stairs, corners, and behind ladders. 


Don’t ignore too much acidity in the water

Too much acidity can damage pool equipment like filters, heaters, liners, and pumps. It can also cause skin irritation or redness. 


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