We know the best way to prevent accidental drowning is to install a barrier to keep children and animals away from the pool. Installing a door alarm on every exit door as well as adding a pool safety fence is the most secure and cost-effective option. Below are five reasons to add door alarms and a pool fence to your backyard. 

If you want to upgrade your backyard oasis or add precautionary safety measures around your pool, choose Emerald Custom Pools!  



Summer safety is essential, especially when it comes to your family. The number one reason homeowners purchase a pool fence is the prevention of accidental drowning. Pool fencing can prevent accidental drownings by keeping young children and pets away from the pool area. A sturdy and well-maintained fencing system can be a lifesaver. 



Not only are pool fences great for safety, but they can also protect you from unseen liabilities. For example, you could be held responsible if someone were to be injured during a poolside event! Better to be safe than sorry! 



Do you have nosy neighbors? A pool fence can provide you and your family privacy. You will enjoy the simple pleasures of pool ownership without the prying eyes of unwanted visitors. 



Have a color scheme or overall theme for your backyard? No problem! A pool fence can add to your overall aesthetic with endless styles, materials, and colors that complement your backyard oasis. 


Property Values 

Pools can be attractive to any home, adding activity value and aesthetic appeal. However, pools can be a safety hazard for children and pets. If you want to sell your home with pool fencing and appropriate safety measures in place, it could bring in potential buyers of young families. 


Investing in a pool fence is the best decision for any homeowner with children, grandchildren, and pets! It provides a safe environment for your family and guests as well as protecting you from liability issues, provides privacy, enhances your backyard, and increases your property value. If you are looking to make your backyard a safe haven for your family, invest in a pool fence from Emerald Custom Pools!

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