Every new custom pool build project comes with challenges and with rewards. Today we want to showcase a new pool in Rhome.

Custom pool build – the plan & the process:

The homeowner wanted to bring an oasis feel to their country style home. They requested a freeform style play pool with a rock grotto water feature and extra bench seating. We met with the homeowner several times to be sure we had a clear vision of what they wanted. We did a 3D rendering of the project and shared it with the homeowner. After getting their approval, we sprayed and marked out the layout of the pool in the backyard, matching the rendering. This allows homeowners to envision the full backyard transformation. We designed, constructed and completed the design to meet their specifications.

You never know until you start a project what you will find. In the case of this yard, we found extensive amounts of rock at just over 1 foot of depth in the dig. This meant we had to spend more time than expected to dig out rock. We did our best to minimize the rock charge to the homeowner. We ensured there was an oversized rock hammer and the proper equipment on site. Despite numerous days of bad weather during the project, we were still able to meet the 6-8 week completion time.

The result:

This project was challenging, but it was a great pleasure being able to give the homeowner the backyard oasis they were envisioning. We hope they enjoy their new custom pool for many years to come!

The homeowners expressed to us that they were grateful for our hard work and superb communication skills throughout the entire process. They appreciated our attention to detail and the extra time we spent to ensure the homeowner was completely satisfied from start to finish.

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