What if I wanted to change, add, or remove equipment on our project?

If equipment is going to be altered, we recommend that this decision is made prior to start of construction.

Does Emerald have any problems getting a hold of pool equipment?

Emerald is subject to the industry and the market just like everybody else. What Emerald has done differently from most builders is that we have stocked much of the necessary equipment ahead of time so that it’s not an issue when it’s time to build. Through COVID, freezing temperatures, and other difficult times, Emerald has maintained a constant flow of equipment to keep your pool operational and moving forward.

Where will my pool equipment be placed?

You may have already had some preliminary talks with us prior to signing a contract, but you will cover this again with your project manager. Ultimately, your project manager may make some recommendations as to where it will best serve your pool and your budget.
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