Are you overwhelmed trying to decide how to choose a pool builder? Read our tips and suggestions before choosing.

how to choose a pool builder, pool under construction

Review the pool builder’s website:

  • Do they have a professional website?
  • Is the website up to date?
  • Are there pictures of completed work?


  • Ask for referrals of local customers. Most pool builders will happily pass along a few homeowner names you could chat with.
  • How many pools have they built in the last year?
  • How long is the wait to dig the pool? Do they dig their own pools or subcontract the job out. Keep in mind, for every part of the job they sub out, that is less and less control the contractor has in regards to timelines. 

In-House Crews = improved quality and control of how your pool is built and how fast your pool is completed.

Read the contract and ask questions. 

  • The pool builder should happily walk you through the contract and answer any questions you may have.
  • How are changes processed after signing? Documentation is key! This protects everyone involved. If there is not a good documentation system in place this spells out trouble!


  • All equipment and work should have some type of warranty and this should always be in writing!
  • Do they offer structural lifetime guarantee? Very few pool builders can offer this, but trust me, if you find it you better grab it!
  • Again with the In-House Crews. It makes a difference. Can they get to you within the next 2 weeks or does your contractor have to get on a waiting list with a sub of theirs? You don’t want a builder who has to beg, borrow and steal just to get someone back out to your home for a quick fix. 


  • How does the pricing compare to others. You want all pool builder’s bids to be somewhat similar within a couple of thousand $$. If not then you want to ask why? If you have one much cheaper than the others then there is probably a good reason for this and you do not want to find out that reason in the middle of your pool build.
  • It costs money to run a quality pool company. If the bid is cheap the work will likely match that. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more for quality when you are talking about an investment this big!


  • Everyone knows rewards can be impressive. Don’t get too wrapped up in all of the claims that contractors make about being “The Best”.
  • Let their work speak for them.
  • Check out their website, social media pics, reviews, etc. Anyone can SAY they are the best, right?


  • Does the builder pull up in a pickup truck with the entire business in the passenger seat or a briefcase? Oh gosh, please run away.
  • Make sure there is a physical location you can walk into, touch things and see people working.
  • Make sure they answer the phone during normal business hours. This is so big.
  • It is real easy to sell you a dream. It is much harder to actually produce that dream and maintain good customer service while doing it.
  • Pick someone you trust will be there a year or 2 down the road when problems can arise. 

Communication, Communication, Communication… did I say that enough?

  • Please find a pool builder who makes communication a priority. Do they have a way to get urgent messages after hours? Do you have a project manager that listens and cares? Are they responsive when you send text messages or social media messages?
  • There should be a system in place to keep the job on track and lines of communication open throughout your job. Do keep in mind as a homeowner to not abuse the system provided.
  • All of these paths of communication provided should be used appropriately. These men and women are human and do have lives outside of their job.
  • Make sure you pick a company that takes care of their employees just as they do their customers.

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