One of the most popular questions we get is customers asking if their yard is right for a pool.

The answer is usually yes, but…..

What Size Pool Will Fit in my Backyard?

When you have a small backyard you can run into some issues and most of them do cost you more money unfortunately. There is a rule that all pool builders must abide by and it’s all about proximity. If your pool is 5’ deep at its deepest part then the waterline of your pool must be at least 5’ from your homes foundation. If closer is the only option then we have to get our Engineer involved. The engineer will look at the yard and plans to help us determine what steps need to be taken so we do not risk causing damage to the foundation of the home.


A big thing to consider is access. Although this applies to homes on various lot sizes, it typically becomes an issue on the homes with the smaller backyards. Tight access on both sides of your house can increase the cost of the build significantly. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who has an open field behind or beside your lot, but it is rare. If we are unable to drive our standard excavator to the backyard with the required 10’ of clearance then we have to start figuring out which piece of equipment will fit. The smaller we go, the longer it takes to dig, the more it will cost. Pray for no rock (this opens up a whole different complication).

Power Lines

When there are power lines overhead or main lines underground we will usually require the homeowner to reach out to Oncor to get permission to build a pool in their backyard. Oncor will typically send a representative out to the home and assess the distance and location. They will then give the homeowner specifics of what and where we can dig or build a pool. Oncor will usually require the water line to be a certain distance from any overhead lines. Underground lines that are in the way are often rerouted at the owners expense (if possible).

Sloped Yards

These are always tricky. We can easily estimate a pool expense, but when it comes to major elevation changes it is nearly impossible to estimate pricing without putting all of the data into our pool design software and creating the design. Will it need a retaining wall? Maybe need piers? Possibly just need to be set down a few feet and add in some steps? All of these are questions we have when looking at these yards. We try and work with each homeowner individually to not only design what they are dreaming of, but more importantly what they can afford and what is safe.

Keep in mind that anyone can design a pool. Not everyone keeps budget, safety, drainage and functionality in mind when doing so. Find a builder who does!

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