Are you planning on fully transforming your backyard into an ultimate resort-style staycation? You can ensure this by making a waterfall part of your overall new pool design. Once you learn more about the benefits and types of pool waterfalls, you’ll see why they are such a popular feature. 

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Benefits of a Pool Waterfall 


The main benefit of a pool waterfall is the beauty and ambiance. Depending on your chosen style, a waterfall can bring an elegant or tropical feel to your backyard. Adding a waterfall to your pool area creates a resort-like atmosphere. 

Water Circulation

Aside from the aesthetics, a pool waterfall has several practical benefits. The first of these is improved water circulation. The continuous water movement from a waterfall helps keep your pool clean by moving any debris toward a filter. Increased circulation also helps distribute pool chemicals more evenly throughout your pool. 

Temperature Regulation 

Another practical benefit of a waterfall is cooler, more comfortable water during the hottest days in the summer. Pool water can get uncomfortably warm rather than refreshing if we have a string of 90-100 degree days. A pool waterfall helps bring a continuous flow of cool, refreshing water. 

Sound Blocking

The sound-blocking quality of a pool waterfall is both aesthetic and practical. The sound adds calm and serenity to your pool area. It also blocks out the noise from neighbors or traffic and can act as a sound barrier to allow you to have a private conversation without being overheard. 


Types of Pool Waterfalls 

Grotto Waterfall 

A grotto waterfall is your best bet for a tropical feel or a natural look. These can be built with various types of stone or rock. Our design team can help determine the look and feel of the waterfall, as well as the rate of water flow. 

Spa Spillway 

Another popular way to add a waterfall to your pool design is to create a spa spillway. A spa elevated above pool level can easily be used for a waterfall effect. You can have one main spillway or several small spillways that send water falling directly into the pool below or down a series of steps into the pool. 


Scuppers are stone or metal troughs or chutes built into your pool walls that create a series of waterfalls. Pool scuppers can create smaller waterfalls for your pool. 


Water & Fire Bowls 

Water bowls and fire bowls have been trending for pool owners nationwide. They are either round or square vessels frequently placed on poolside pillars, but the water bowls can also be placed at the level of your pool coping. They come in both concrete and metal finishes. 


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