Picture it: After a long week, you are ready to spend time in your backyard oasis and finally swim in your pool! You have all the necessary items to lay out poolside; step outside and notice all the leaves in your pool. As you get closer, the pool walls look grimy with calcium build-up. Does the water have a green tint? Is your pool pump and equipment extra noisy? The fun will have to wait and you will ponder whether or not you should hire a professional for your pool equipment and maintenance. 


Maintaining Your Pool on Your Own: 

DIY pool maintenance can be a challenge, especially for new pool owners. Not because it is difficult but because you will need to learn what chemicals to use, how your pool equipment works, and what your pool needs from you during the Texas swimming season. When a professional comes to service your pool, they make it look easy! When you do your own pool maintenance, you spend more time ensuring you do everything right. Maintaining your pool can quickly become a burden if you live a hectic life. Experts recommend that your pool be cleaned at least once per week. If you can’t find the time to clean your pool regularly, you could end up with a huge mess or malfunctioning equipment. Taking care of your pool can save you some cash if you’re on a tight budget, but doing it all on your own isn’t always cheaper. You’ll need to purchase chemicals, cleaning supplies, and more. Pool chemicals alone can cost $30 or more per month. 


Hiring a Professional for Your Pool Equipment Maintenance: 

With all the complexities of maintaining a pool, it‘s no surprise that many pool owners outsource their pool maintenance. As with any service, finding someone who will make swimming in your pool as effortless as they promise can be a challenge. Emerald Pool Care offers complete pool maintenance to Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Our certified technicians clean your pool with weekly maintenance, including skimming, cleaning, chemical management, and routine equipment maintenance. They are also licensed so they can take care of any warranty issues that may arise.


Essential Pool Maintenance Tasks: 


You might not realize how much time you spend taking care of your pool, or your pool might not get the attention it needs. With all of the following tasks, you’ll understand why you always seem to get behind on maintenance and deal with algae and equipment issues. 


  1. Skimming you pool 

  2. Scrubbing Your Pool Surfaces 

  3. Vacuuming Your Pool 

  4. Maintaining Your Pool Pump System

  5. Cleaning Your Filtration System 

  6. Testing Your Pool Water 

  7. Managing Your Pool Chemicals 


Pick the Right Pool Maintenance Professional: 

Is your pool equipment not cleaning the way it used to? Are you hearing strange noises? Your pool maintenance professionals can help identify the problem with your pool equipment. Catch issues early, saving time and money in the long run. If you hire a professional, make sure you pick a good one. You’ll only realize the advantages of having a pool service if they know what they’re doing. Contact Emerald Pool Care to discuss your swimming pool equipment and pool care maintenance. Learn why you should invest in a professional pool service to help you clean, repair, or inspect your pool equipment. Click the link here to learn more about Emerald Pool Care.

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