Installing a pool can be one of the best decisions somebody can make for their home. It adds a fun getaway to your backyard where you can host parties, spend time with your kids, or even have a relaxing, cool day, especially if you live somewhere hot like Fort Worth, Texas. That said, a lot goes into the process of building a pool, and there are some common pool construction misconceptions about building and owning a pool.


Construction Timeline

In many cases, the first misconception is that pool builders follow a strict timeline and are always on schedule. Hiring the right pool builders for your home is the first and most important step, but you may run into some delays no matter what company you go with. Unforeseen problems are extremely common in construction; what matters most is how your chosen company handles those situations. Choosing a trustworthy company that will be honest about the problems they encounter is vital to your pool-building process.


Homeowner Permits

You can’t just build a pool wherever and whenever you want; the construction process involves a lot of paperwork. Construction permits, inspections, and plumbing permits are just a few things you need for your pool paperwork-wise. It is a common misconception that as a homeowner, all you need to do is hire somebody to build your pool, and they can build it with no pre-construction steps. Sadly, that is not the case. If you live in the city limits and/or are required to obtain permits, you may be fined if you do not get the necessary permits from your local city administration.  


All Pool Builders Require License 

Technically, anybody can hire anybody to build a pool, but that doesn’t mean that it’s your best or cheapest option. Hiring somebody who is not experienced in the pool world or trying to do it yourself can quickly become very expensive, even though you meant for the opposite to occur. If the same guy is showing up to sell you the pool then works on the plumbing and wires in the electrical as well, this could be a serious problem. In Texas it is not a requirement for a contractor to be licensed. It is, however, required for the electrician, the plumber and the company performing service on the equipment to hold a license. Since pool builders do not hold licenses themselves you will want to verify they have up to date general liability insurance. Do your research and ask the potential pool company the right questions to ensure you feel safe. 


Guarantees Always Last 

There are several pool construction misconceptions when it comes to guarantees. In most cases, a pool builder will include a guarantee for every pool they build. However, there are exceptions to these guarantees. For instance, if a business were to go under or close their doors for any reason, those guarantees would no longer be valid. Additionally, for many pool builders (including Emerald Custom Pools), our lifetime warranty covers the pool structure to remain structurally sound and hold water. This is thanks to our top-notch gunite supplier as well as our checks and balances to monitor standards. 


Pool Maintenance

A common pool construction misconception is about the pool after it is complete. The worry of maintenance costs can often be a deterrent to finally getting that dream pool in your backyard. Some believe maintaining your pool is either too hard, expensive, or both. That is not the case. Maintaining your pool is easy and inexpensive if you have the right pool accessories and keep up a regular pool cleaning schedule. The education provided in our pool school sets you up for success as well. 


Owning a pool is an exciting prospect for any homeowner. Not only is it a way to relax and have fun, but you can also use it to stay in shape. Building a pool is a long process, often complicated by with many moving parts. Often, homeowners have many pool construction misconceptions. Fortunately, at Emerald Custom Pools, our professional sales and design team can answer any and all questions you may have to clear the air about any pool construction concerns. 

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