Building your new custom pool is such an exciting time! As you watch the pool construction process, you can witness your dream backyard come to life. 

Depending on when you start your custom pool journey, the spring and summer months typically bring wetter weather. This can disrupt every step of the construction process. While there is no wrong time to build a pool, we can all agree that having knowledge upfront can make the pool construction delays easier to digest. 

Oftentimes what is a bit confusing and frustrating to homeowners is that delays may be longer than the inclement weather’s duration. Unfortunately, one day of rain does not equal a one-day delay. Here are some of the key reasons why. 


How Construction is Affected by Wet Weather

Construction sites NEED to be dry – and that takes time 

From the start of Dig Day, a dry construction site is often preferred or required. When heavy machinery is used, such as our in-house excavator, the soil must be as dry as possible to drive over the ground without getting stuck in the mud. Especially in summer and spring, the ground may take several days to be ready. Many homes in Texas have clay soil which might take even longer to evaporate. On the other hand, if the ground contains more sand, water evaporates more quickly. 

Inconsistent weather plays an overwhelming role in the construction process. For example, construction must start a week later if it rains a week before your scheduled dig day. Mother nature is one of the most prominent nuisances in custom pool construction. 


Excavation & Plumbing with Rainfall 

If your scheduled dig day has already occurred, an “open hole” exists in your yard! When a rainstorm moves through, rainwater may get trapped inside the hole and potentially stay in the deepest part. If this is the case, our crews will need to drain the water potentially, adding steps in the process and thus slowing the pace of construction. In addition, while your pool is being built, it is vulnerable to rain, which can cause other issues. If plumbing and/or steel has been placed and rain comes through prior to gunite application this could be devastating to the open hole. Plastic is typically applied to the walls of the open hole if there is suggestion of rain. This is done in an attempt to lessen the effects of the rain and prevent cave-ins of the pool walls. 


The Domino Effect of Bad Weather

When rain falls on several other projects, it can create a domino effect on the construction schedules for everyone. With the ever-changing Texas weather, rain can occur when you aren’t even expecting it, a phenomenon known as a “sunshine delay.” For example, let’s say it doesn’t rain at your location, but a downpour may be happening on another side of town, delaying our crew from finishing their work. This prevents the construction process and crew from arriving at your home. If we do have a cave-in on an open hole we often have to move crews around to make those jobs a priority over starting a new job.


Let Emerald Custom Pools Help Your Backyard Dreams Come True

We understand that weather related pool construction delays can be frustrating for everyone involved! Rest assured that we, at Emerald, strive to maintain quality by not taking risks during the construction process that could negatively affect the result and homeowner satisfaction. So when you choose Emerald Custom Pools to help build your dream backyard, you can be confident that you’re selecting the best. As a local family-owned and operated company, we provide value to each of our clients with our in-house team, constant communication, enhanced scheduling software, and the overall quality of our pools from start to finish. So if you want to start your custom pool journey, contact Emerald Custom Pools today! 

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