Nothing like time outdoors enjoying the sunlight on your skin, listening to the birds chirping, breathing in the fresh air, and entering a relaxed state of mind. Enjoying Mother Nature can be tricky, with no protection from the elements! As Texans, we understand the meaning behind our not-so-forgiving weather, especially the intense mid-afternoon summer heat! 

This is how installing a shaded structure in your outside space will keep you and your family comfortable all year. The question is, which shade structure is the right one for you? 


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Shade Solutions: Pergola VS Cabana 

Although both structures act as a shade solution for your outdoor area, pergolas & cabanas are two distinctly different structures. 



Pergolas are garden structures with vertical columns and typically no walls. The main objective of a pergola is to offer a partially shaded space and protection from direct sunlight. Although pergolas as-is provide little protection from the rain, we can now add a transparent covering to give your pergola more opportunities for use year-round.

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Cabanas can be free-standing or attached structures with a roof similar to your home. This provides full element coverage. This custom backyard structure is a shady refuge for families to relax out of the sun or have a poolside event! Cabanas generally have a more advanced lighting and electrical package.


Which one would be right for you? 

It is hard to choose from one or the other, but understanding the difference between both will provide the proper knowledge to make the best decision for you and your family. 



Of course, one of the main differences between pergolas and cabanas is the amount of shade coverage that they offer. A pergola has a latticed roof that offers gently filtered sunlight, while the closed-off cabana provides full shelter from the elements. 



Cabanas can not only add shade from the glaring Texas sun, but they can also provide privacy from nosey neighbors. Therefore, cabanas can provide more seclusion than pergolas if you want overall coverage and privacy. 



This piece in the selection process is essential when deciding your shaded outdoor structure, and it comes down to your taste! From classy to tiki, any outdoor space has a cabana design. 

Pergolas are versatile in the design structure. While the latticed roof remains consistent, there are many options for you to explore. The options are endless, as in an attached one-wall, two-tier, or the classic stand-alone pergola! 



Regarding outdoor living, we at Emerald Custom Pools want your backyard to become an extension of your home. This outdoor space gives you more room to spread out, relax, and enjoy with your family. The price can vary when we build and design your custom pergola or cabana, and our sales consultant will keep your budget in mind while planning your build. The best way to learn more about your outdoor space is to set up a free consultation with our office. 


The ideal shade structure for you and your backyard oasis will depend on your goals and priorities, but we are committed to helping you find the perfect fit. Whether you want a complete backyard transformation, a simple cabana, or a pergola in your backyard space, we at Emerald Custom Pools can transform your backyard dreams into a reality. 


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