2 large trucks crushed by a log, the smaller car in the middle is untouched.

When you compare pool builders or pool service companies in your local area it can definitely be tempting to go with names you have heard since you were a little kid. Some friends will even offer up names they have never personally used, only because it is commonly heard or seen. When it comes to spending this kind of money it makes us all feel good to know that the name will likely not go away any time soon. You may be surprised to find that the majority of these “Big Name” pool companies who say they have been around for 100 years like to throw this around as if it means something. The people running that company have obviously not been in the business for 100 years. It is even more likely that the company was bought out long ago by corporate America and is no longer ran as the family friendly business it once was at all. Some “Big Name” pool companies like to say “locally recognized”. Does this mean they are a local family business? Absolutely not. This only means that people in the area do recognize the name.

Sweet Spot

As you can see in our previous Blogs, we have cautioned against the “pick-up truck builder” who sales you the lowest bid with a copy and paste design. He then turns your dream backyard over to subcontractors to finish it up within the next year or two, if they finish at all. So, which is better? Is there a happy medium? Yes, I believe there is. With Emerald you are finding that sweet spot. Emerald has proven to be:

  • Family owned and operated (Not a corporate sale-out to make a large paycheck) with multiple generations learning various trades within the company
  • World’s Greatest Pools winner 3 years running
  • Established in the community with a growing store-front and showroom (stay tuned for the new location opening in 2024)
  • Uses all in-house crews for every pool build with the exception of our gunite and plaster teams
  • Has the highest employee retention rate in the region compared to other small businesses of similar size
  • Has the highest employee pay rate in the region compared to other small businesses of similar size
  • Offers a Christian work and job environment for all employees and homeowners
  • Able to provide experienced service and maintenance for homeowners after the pool is complete


The latest economic reports from 1/20/2023 are pointing towards a huge shift in homeowner choice when it comes to service and maintenance of their pool. More and more homeowners are seeing the value of hiring their pool builder to continue the job after the pool is built. Large, franchise service companies are expected to see a big dip in numbers over the next year as pool builders are able to provide better service, abundant supplies and help with warranties. Where big service companies often have you waiting on a warranties list for several months to get equipment fixed, Emerald has a policy that all warranties are to be completed in a 2week time frame. We have a 95% success rate in getting the job complete on time. Angie’s list cautions,

“Rather than depending on a large chain where you may never meet the same pool technician twice, you may find that a local company with an established reputation and higher employee retention works better for you. After all, it takes time to build a relationship, so look for an
experienced professional to do your pool service for an extended period. 6.28.21”

When you are deciding on who you want to build your pool or help you keep your investment cleaned and maintained, pick a name that has a good reputation for doing the right thing. Don’t pick a builder just because the name has been around and familiar. Do your research, talk to homeowners who have been through the process and ask questions. Even the owners here at Emerald are happy to talk with you about what questions you should be asking. Their end goal is that the homeowner is treated right and expectations are met no matter if we are building your pool, cleaning your pool or offering repair and warranty services.

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