What am I supposed to do with my pets?

Sometimes fences are taken down for us to access your yard. When this happens, we will place a temporary fence in its place. It is not designed to give you privacy, keep bad guys out, keep pets in, or even stay erect during a good Texas wind. It’s an orange, mesh construction fence and it will remain in place until the project is complete so that our crews have good access throughout. If you request that your fence be replaced earlier than necessary, there can be additional costs for crews making extra trips. There can also be larger expenses associated if we’re having to wheelbarrow your entire pool through a constricted opening because a fence was replaced earlier than necessary. With regards to pets, please plan to make accommodations for them throughout construction. We will do our best to keep the temporary fence in place, but it is not designed to keep Todo in the backyard. Please let your pets know that you are building a pool and there are many things back there that can hurt them. For some of our customers with land, cattle, or larger mammals, please secure your animals appropriately. It’s not an easy conversation to have with a homeowner when their prized goat wanders into the rear duals of a 70,000 lb. dump truck. Once the pool project is complete, they will have their safe backyard again to roam freely and chase squirrels. If your animals are larger, provide milk, beef, pork, or require pens or stables, please make sure they’re secure throughout construction as well.

Weiner dog wearing a hardhat in front of a bulldozer goats around an excavator