12 Types of Water Features

type of water feature that includes a waterfall from a copper tub.

Water features are a genius and straightforward way to incorporate moving water into your pool. Not only this, but they allow more circulation and filtration throughout the pool, which will lead to less need for maintenance. Emerald Custom Pools knows this can be incredibly important to our clients, so we’ve provided 12 types of water…

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Five Common Pool Repairs

people working on a common pool repair

Being a pool owner can be an exciting but sometimes daunting task. From regular cleanings to unexpected repairs, there are bound to be times of challenge. Here are five of the most common repairs pool owners can face – let’s tackle them together!  Pump Motor  Your pump motor pulls water from the pool, sends it…

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5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Pool Tile

sun hat next to a pool with dark blue and turqoise pool tile

Aesthetic and style can be a make-it-or-break-it moment for most people. Pool tiles showcase your swimming pool with completing colors and designs that beautify and express creativity. Emerald Custom Pools provide a variety of tile selections to make your backyard oasis perfect for you. One of the tile companies we partner with is National Pool…

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