Preparing Your Pool For the Off Season

As the summer season ends and the temperature drops, it’s time to consider off-season swimming pool maintenance. Properly winterizing your pool can help prevent damage and costly repairs, ensuring that your pool is ready for the next swimming season. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps for off-season pool maintenance so you…

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Finding the Right Pool Depth for Your Dream Backyard Pool

man submerged in the pool testing to find out the pool depth

When designing your dream backyard oasis, a swimming pool undoubtedly tops the list for many homeowners. Whether you envision lounging poolside with a tropical drink in hand or engaging in lively pool games with friends and family, the depth of your pool is a critical factor for both safety and enjoyment. But how deep should…

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The Overlooked Gem: The Importance of a Well-Designed Pool Deck

White pool deck surrounding a custom pool

When designing and maintaining a swimming pool, most homeowners understandably focus on the pool itself. However, one often overlooked yet equally crucial element is the pool deck. A well-designed pool deck can greatly enhance the overall appeal, safety, and functionality of your pool area.  Whether you are creating your dream backyard oasis or looking to…

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When Should You Close Your Pool?

person swimming i a pool surrounded by a foot of now

A well-maintained swimming pool is the source of endless outdoor recreation for your family, offering hours of enjoyment for kids and a relaxing retreat for parents. While regular pool maintenance is essential, one often underestimated aspect of this process is the proper closure of your pool for the season.  Closing your pool might seem like…

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Extending Your Swim Season: The Magic of Pool Heaters

swimming pool with a sunset view in cold temperatures using a pool heater

As the days grow shorter and the cool autumn breeze starts to set in, the once-inviting waters of your swimming pool may not seem as tempting as they did during the sizzling summer months. If you are a pool owner in Texas, you’ve probably noticed a significant drop in your pool’s water temperature. The scorching…

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When is the Best Time to Build a Pool?

backhoe digging a hole for a pool during the best time to build a pool

Summer is finally coming to an end, and if you spent most of the summer wishing you had a swimming pool, now is the time to start planning your pool for next season.  You’ve researched, weighed the pros and cons of different types of swimming pools, selected a custom pool builder, and are ready to…

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8 Reasons to Choose a Custom Pool Builder

aerial view of a custom pool and hot tub after completion of the pool building process with a custom pool builder

Backyard pools are among the best ways to invest in your family and home. More importantly, your family can enjoy long summer days and nights inside and around a beautiful backyard oasis.  Although DIY has its place in homeownership, you may want to skip the thought of building your own pool. There are many reasons…

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Essential Tips When You Are Designing A Pool

expertly designed naturally looking pool with hot tub, waterfall and slide after including tips for designing a pool

The decision to build your dream backyard is an exciting one. Having a pool is not only a luxury, but it also provides excellent opportunities for health and recreation. A pool is a great way to cool off during the hot Texas summer days and can give a background to a relaxing day with family…

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What You Need to Know About Inground Pool Financing

person inserting a penny into the piggy bank considering inground pool financing

More than ever, it’s important to provide your loved ones with an escape from day-to-day stresses – and there’s simply nothing like having your own pool for playing, exercising, and building the memories of a lifetime.  More importantly, you’ll be investing in those priceless things that make life worth living, such as summer fun and…

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Professional Pool Maintenance: When Do I Need It?

professional pool maintenance employee skimming a custom pool.

Picture it: After a long week, you are ready to spend time in your backyard oasis and finally swim in your pool! You have all the necessary items to lay out poolside; step outside and notice all the leaves in your pool. As you get closer, the pool walls look grimy with calcium build-up. Does…

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Common Pool Construction Misconceptions

dream pool completed project after pool construction misconceptions were dispelled.

Installing a pool can be one of the best decisions somebody can make for their home. It adds a fun getaway to your backyard where you can host parties, spend time with your kids, or even have a relaxing, cool day, especially if you live somewhere hot like Fort Worth, Texas. That said, a lot…

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The Pool Building Process

aerial view of a custom pool and hot tub after completion of the pool building process with a custom pool builder

Building a pool can be quite a complex and delicate performance to carry out. Therefore, multiple pool construction phases exist when someone wants a residential oasis. From the initial 3-D design all the way to the finished product, there are many other steps and details in the pool building process. The time frame to complete…

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Swimming Pool Permits You Need to Start Construction

swimming pool with hot tub and fire pit on patio

Building a pool is a complicated process with a lot of moving pieces. The first step is finding a trustworthy pool builder to bring your dream backyard to life. Acquiring swimming pool permits is not something that you can just blow off as a homeowner. Sure, it may be an extra hassle, and some additional…

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Benefits of Owning a Spa

custom stone spa in a pool surrounded by a landscaped patio at sunset

Swimming is one of the most popular sports activities and for good reason. It’s good for your health, easy on your joints, and overall fun. Do you enjoy your backyard oasis but want to remodel or add something new?  Have you considered adding a spa (hot tub)? A spa is a great way to unwind…

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First Time Pool Owner? 3 Things All Pool Owners Should Know

first time pool owners lounging by their new pool.

First-time pool owner? Congratulations! Owning a pool can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also be overwhelming if you’re not prepared. Before opening your pool for your first season, review some essential information all first-time pool owners should know to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.  Maintenance is key  The most important thing to…

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Pool Waterfalls 101: What You Need to Know

Are you planning on fully transforming your backyard into an ultimate resort-style staycation? You can ensure this by making a waterfall part of your overall new pool design. Once you learn more about the benefits and types of pool waterfalls, you’ll see why they are such a popular feature.  Don’t just trust anyone to build…

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How To Keep Your Pool Cool In Summer

two people relaxing in a pool after learning how to keep your pool cool in summer

With the record-breaking heat we have seen this summer, knowing how to keep your pool cool in summer heat is essential if you don’t want a sizeable warm-water bathtub in your backyard!  In the summer, with many areas of the country experiencing triple-digit temperatures, all pools are at risk. The ideal water temperature for most…

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How to Maintain Outdoor Furniture

Weathered patio furniture before learning how to maintain outdoor furniture

Having an outdoor lounging area is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and relax. Luckily, outdoor furniture is made to withstand outdoor conditions. However, harsh weather, bugs, or sun can impact your furniture. If you need to maintain outdoor furniture, here are some tips to keep your outdoor lounge in the best condition!  …

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12 Types of Water Features

type of water feature that includes a waterfall from a copper tub.

Water features are a genius and straightforward way to incorporate moving water into your pool. Not only this, but they allow more circulation and filtration throughout the pool, which will lead to less need for maintenance. Emerald Custom Pools knows this can be incredibly important to our clients, so we’ve provided 12 types of water…

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