Winter Pool Maintenance: Preparing Your Pool For the Off Season

Falls leaves over water - motivation to begin winter pool maintenance

As the summer season ends and the temperature drops, it’s time to consider off season pool maintenance. Properly winterizing your pool can help prevent damage and costly repairs, ensuring that your pool is ready for the next swimming season. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps for winter pool maintenance so you…

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Finding the Right Pool Depth for Your Dream Backyard Pool

man submerged in the pool testing to find out the pool depth

When designing your dream backyard oasis, a swimming pool undoubtedly tops the list for many homeowners. Whether you envision lounging poolside with a tropical drink in hand or engaging in lively pool games with friends and family, the depth of your pool is a critical factor for both safety and enjoyment. But how deep should…

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The Overlooked Gem: The Importance of a Well-Designed Pool Deck

White pool deck surrounding a custom pool

When designing and maintaining a swimming pool, most homeowners understandably focus on the pool itself. However, one often overlooked yet equally crucial element is the pool deck. A well-designed pool deck can greatly enhance the overall appeal, safety, and functionality of your pool area.  Whether you are creating your dream backyard oasis or looking to…

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When Should You Close Your Pool?

person swimming i a pool surrounded by a foot of now

A well-maintained swimming pool is the source of endless outdoor recreation for your family, offering hours of enjoyment for kids and a relaxing retreat for parents. While regular pool maintenance is essential, one often underestimated aspect of this process is the proper closure of your pool for the season.  Closing your pool might seem like…

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Extending Your Swim Season: The Magic of Pool Heaters

swimming pool with a sunset view in cold temperatures using a pool heater

As the days grow shorter and the cool autumn breeze starts to set in, the once-inviting waters of your swimming pool may not seem as tempting as they did during the sizzling summer months. If you are a pool owner in Texas, you’ve probably noticed a significant drop in your pool’s water temperature. The scorching…

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