What do I need to do once my sod is installed?

New sod requires copious amounts of water to be applied once sod is installed. This can start immediately and should continue for a while depending on what time of year it is. You should water your sod at least three times a day for the first several weeks, 15-20 minutes in every area, especially if it’s hot, sunny, or windy. If the temperature is cooler and it’s not sunny, you can irrigate a little less. A good rule of thumb to know when to back off watering as much is when the sod starts to “take”. This can be identified by trying to pick up a piece of new sod. If it’s already started to grow roots and doesn’t lift easily, it has started to “take” and you can back off to normal watering schedules. Please understand that sod carries no warranty.

sprinkler watering the lawn hose watering the lawn